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OSRB Parent is an application designed to facilitate communication between the parents and staff of the International Educational System "Ruđer Bošković" in Belgrade. The application includes: a bulletin board, eJournal, courses and grades, gallery and notifications.

Our Work

Development of a fully usable iOS app for the SRB Educational System and publishing it on the App Store.

Step 1 - Analysis

The client had already completed the phases of analysis, planning & design, so our job was to do the actual implementation & testing.

Step 2 - Main features

Parents have access to all eServices provided by the institution and can easily monitor both children’s grades and behavior, as well as activities, trips and more.

Step 3 - Catching time

This was built in a relatively short time, since we have had experience in building a similar app (GoKinder). Some of the features here are its login and registration system, its functionality for multiple children simultaneously, and a fast and responsive using great design.

Step 4 - Final product

This app was made universally for both iOS and iPad devices and can responsively adapt to each screen size. In-app navigation is straightforward so users can have a great experience without needing to be experts in technology and mobile devices. We continue to provide regular maintenance for this app.


Ruđer Bošković Gimnasium, Belgrade




Mobile Development