Why Us?

We approach each project with tenacity. Writing clean code and improving our work through agility safeguards our standard of excellence without compromise. Our approachability and diligence is what sets us apart, but more importantly the authentic drive of each individual aiming to perfect their skills and performance.



We excel by approaching each task with persistence and confidence in ourselves and each other. Only through constant improvement can we unlock our true capacities.



Being passionate about a cause is what brings authenticity, innovation and dedication to our team. When facing challenges we search for the best solutions.



We believe that communication is key for cooperation. Aligning our aspirations, taking responsibility, and having an open exchange of ideas make us stand out.

The Team

Our team is made up of diligent, creative and determined professionals, which is why we can guarantee you the best service and successful cooperation.

Why K7?

To understand the uniqueness of our agency it is
important to know the story of our origins.

The story of our name

We always liked to study and work together. On one occasion, we tried to come up with a name for our future agency. Cabinet (Kabinet) Seven was the place where we enjoyed working and immersed ourselves in a productive atmosphere; hence, our team came up with the abbreviation “K7”.

Team Build-up

Starting with just three people, we set out to seek others who share our values and ideals – young, successful, hard-working individuals who are passionate about making a contribution.

Agency Operation

Since then, our team has expanded and is now made up of a group of highly motivated and capable professionals who each embody our philosophy of continuous improvement and collaborative growth.

New Project?