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UpTask is a web and mobile platform intended for use by managers to help organize their staff.

The features this ​web app​ offers are created in great detail to help managers have full control over the work load and employees.

Mobile App for Android and iOS helps the users easily reach all of the documentation and work resources, mark their progress, add new pictures of the progress, receive feedback from their colleagues and many more.

The main pillars of the app are:

1. Organization (managers can do all of their work on one app)
2. Efficiency (on this app everything needed is just a click away)
3. Transparency (there is no hiding, you always know who is doing which job, when and where)


We used MERN Stack for web development, as well as Map Box to help track users, having the web app hosted on Heroku. For the mobile version of the app, we used the Kotlin programming language for Android version and Swift for the iOS version of the mobile app.

Main characteristics of the app

• Possibility to personalize the app to suit the needs of their business specifically.
• Possibility to try out the app for 6 months before deciding if it is the best fit for them

This is a product of K7 Tech Agency, which is eager to provide the best quality to its users. With that in mind, any user who wishes to comment and suggest new features to add to the app to help their personal user experience is more than welcome to contact us through this website.


June 2020


Nikola Milić

Petar Lukić

Milutin Pešikan

Miloš Mitrović

Antonije Pavlović


Uroš Jakovljević


Milica Lukić