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Getting started

Great! It is not a problem what so ever. Our team of experts in project management, development and design are here to walk you through every step of the way and help you understand exactly how a mobile app development project functions. Together with the team, you will understand which features are the best to be integrated into your app, how long the project will last, and what the estimated price of the project will be.
This is highly dependent on your idea of the app. After we discuss all the features and details regarding them, we can estimate the time. Broadly speaking, mobile app development can last anywhere from 2 months to 6 months.
After the introductory meeting, our design team will send you a brand guide with questions regarding your idea. This is a document for you to fill out, in which we focus on getting as many details from you as possible with the intent to make the perfect design for you. When you finish filling in the questionnaire, we will have a call to go through the documentation and answer any of your questions. Afterwards, we will write technical design documentation which will be our guide throughout the design and development process.
After you tell us the main idea behind your project, the features you would like it to have and the time in which you would like to have it delivered, the team will estimate the price.

App Development

Our main goal is to make a functional app you will be proud of. This is exactly why we need to have meetings held regularly, either on a daily or weekly basis so you can follow the process of development and raise any questions at the right time.
After we complete the build of the app and before we publish it to Play Store and the App Store, it is crucial to do the testing of the app. This will allow you to check the quality of your app (making sure everything is working as it should), its performance (is it up to industry standards and user expectations, are there any bugs). You will also receive valuable feedback from the user side validating (or not) your ideas on your app, which you can apply before publishing to the store.
Yes, we do.
Yes, after the app has been pushed to the store, we can provide you with the source code.
At the beginning of every app development, we write technical documentation with the details from our introductory meetings. In these meetings, we decide with the client what can and cannot be done in the estimated time. After the agreed time of the project has passed, we can talk to see if any other changes should be made, which will be seen as the continuation of the project.