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Whether it's a static website or frontend/backend web application,
we can handle it.

K7 Tech Web Services Frontend Service
Frontend Development

We offer extended services of making static websites using HTML, CSS, JS, or using Content Management systems like Wordpress. Furthermore, we build web apps with ReactJS using libraries like ReduxJS and styling libraries like Ant Design, Bootstrap, and Material-UI.

K7 Tech Web Services Backend Service
Backend Development

Without a good backend, an application is merely a piled block of components. We write scalable backend using Node.JS and Express.JS with our databases written in MongoDB.

K7 Tech Web Services Deployment Service

The deployment service is a rather intricate job. AWS, VPS, Firebase... It's all quite confusing, so we handle it for you. We mostly work with deployment on AWS, Firebase, Heroku, and DigitalOcean. For each app, there is one that suits it best.

We use the latest world popular libraries for development

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