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To put it simply: Virtu combines the best of your most beloved movie streaming service with the cutting-edge wonders of virtual reality. Instead of allowing customers to watch a wide variety of award-winning videos, we’ve opted for a more exciting alternative - Virtu offers its viewers a gateway to virtual reality in the click of a button. We wanted this application to be simple to use and to feel familiar, so we relied on preexisting visual elements found in common streaming devices. By relying on well-known UX/UI elements and building our product while standing on the shoulders of giants, we ensured Virtu’s high user satisfaction without compromising our authentic mission - to bring top quality VR material closer to common folks.

Our Work

Our imagination was sparked by the obvious fact that people have always craved the excitement and powerful stimulation of their physical senses, perhaps now more than ever. By recognizing also the rising demand for VR equipment, we created a product that mirrors a Hollywood blockbuster by excitement and breathes new life into a pair a VR glasses.

Virtu app Screen

Step 1 - Analysis

Throughout this project, we aimed to create a product that is a fine blend of familiarity and innovation. Virtu’s look and feel hits close to home by simply emulating what services like Netflix have already established as best UX/UI practices. We added a number of significant features but kept them simple and elegant.

Step 2 - Planning

After planning all of the app’s component activities and reiterating the process a couple of times, we established a clear vision of what Virtu was going to accomplish, and we moved to the next stage.

Virtu app Screen
Virtu app Screens

Step 3 - Design

Virtu has all the typical functionality you’d expect in any decent video streaming device. Users can register and/or login into their accounts and choose from a selection of VR movies. We made picking out the right movie easier by building a network of filters and other criteria that ultimately narrow the selection down to a few well-chosen experiences. All movies can be reviewed and commented on as well.

Step 4 - Implementation

It took us a little over 2 months to drive Virtu from an idea to a fully developed application. We built incremental blocks and re-tested our product on users until we were completely satisfied with the end result. Don’t worry - no humans were harmed during the production of this application. But most of them had a lot of fun.

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