Sixpence crowdfunding android app mobile preview

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Sixpence crowdfunding android app mobile preview
Sixpence android app mockup mobile preview

Project Summary

People often stumble upon many challenges when they want to help and financially support their chosen cause. Sixpence app makes it incredibly easy! This Android mobile app is used for gathering funds for campaigns, companies, etc. How? When you pay with your credit card, the difference between the paid and the rounded amount is transferred to a different account of your choosing. The client had already had an iOS mobile application so they came to us to develop an Android version of this phone application.
Their preliminary research has shown that 26% of Millennial Americans prefer roundups as a method of giving versus only 15% who prefer recurring donations, while the rest favors the one-time lump sum donations, which is a less-preferred method among recipients due to poor sustainability consistency.

About Client

The clients are young tech enthusiasts who strive to make society a better place through their activism. They know that being resourceful is key to solving many global problems, which motivated them to find a way to direct and use certain resources efficiently and beneficially. It was a pleasure working with them. They contacted us looking for a mobile development company to outsource. The communication was smooth, inspiring trust, mutual hard work and equal dedication to the project.

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Challenges to overcome

Every mobile development project involves occasional changes and revisions. This Android app included some due to numerous functionalities such as using Google Maps, however, we successfully handled them thanks to well-organized project management. Our frontend team connected flawlessly to clients’ backend, and all the “hick-ups” along the way were solved via one of the project management tools, Trello board.

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Connecting the bank accounts and users’ credit cards with PLAID payment processor was one of the most important and most sensitive features in this Android app, successfully realized via Plaid Link, a drop-in module which provides secure, intuitive and elegant authentication flow. Implementation of Google Maps feature in the mobile app provides users with an insight into campaigns from all over the world. By clicking on the marker on the map, you get all the important information about the selected campaign. However, you do not have to rely on the map solely, since there is a search field to find a campaign by title.


Our client prepared the majority of the material for UI/UX, frontend and the whole backend, which made our job simple. The goal was to have the same design and functionalities for both iOS and Android platform. Thus, our job was to adjust the existing design for the Android platform and to make it a pixel-perfect design.

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Technology and architecture

The app was written in Kotlin with the extensive use of Anko library. The app architecture was developed using MVVM architectural design pattern and Google Architecture Components: Live Data, View Model data bindings, and Navigation. These components make the written code simpler and more transparent, also enabling its easier maintenance and potential further development.

Sixpence illustration technology

Team Members

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Project Manager

Milica Janković

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Android Developer

Petar Lukić

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Frontend Developer

Milutin Pešikan

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Android Developer

Dragan Stojanov

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