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“A unique tool for preparing for USCG License Exams! A leading self-study site and iOS/Android Application that contains ALL up-to-date questions directly released from the U.S. Coast Guard for both DECK and ENGINE; all ratings and endorsements.” “Bookmarking questions to come back to, searching for keywords, and a database divided into hundreds of subcategories to help you filter out what areas you need to focus on.” This application is created to assist the people in their preparation for the Mariner License exam. The exam is obligatory to be a mariner, so the original app creators wanted to create a tool designed to help in the preparation process.

Our Work

Mariner License Prep is an application that we built for Android using Kotlin. It is a replica of the iOS application created by Mariner License Prep LLC..

Step 1 - Analysis

The requirements for the application were to create exactly the same functionality that the iOS app has, with some adaptations to a standardized user interface. In addition to the iOS functionality was integration of Stripe payments for purchasing subscription.

Step 2 - Planning

Once the requirements were understood, we planned the timeframe, and arranged weekly checks of the progress made. After deciding team assignments, we outlined important rules to be followed during development and moved on to next stage.

Step 3 - Design

Since the design was already specified, at this stage we agreed upon which of the Android UI standards should be followed, and moved on to implementation.

Step 4 - Implementation

This was done thorough analysis of its iOS counterpart, and by achieving the same behavior over two months of incremental builds and continuous testing product’s reliability.


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