Healtcare Apps
and the Modern

08 November, 2018


Healthcare applications deliver multiple benefits to modern medicine since they alleviate unnecessary bureaucracy and everyday communication between patients and doctors. Healthcare apps monitor people’s pace of life because nowadays the only two things we never leave the house without are our keys and our mobile phones. However, the adoption of new technology comes with some challenges and risks.

Who would have thought there would be an application that could connect patients and physicians miles and miles away? Waiting at the doctor’s office for hours is now a thing of the past, thanks to the relentless yet humanitarian character of technology and the effect it has on our everyday lives. The process of choosing your doctor can be a stressful task if you’re not equipped with all the necessary information to make long-term decisions. You need to have all the data at hand: professional competence, specialization, and proficiency.

Apps on the market

With Okadoc, Practo and Zocdoc, you are powered to make the right decision from the comfort of your home, with no extra costs added. These features are available in just the click of a button. All you need to do is download the app and input your personal information that will not be shared with anyone. On one hand, they simplify access to healthcare, provide choices, and allow patients to view other patients’ feedback in order to make informed decisions. From a doctor’s standpoint, these healthcare applications simplify administration, make maintaining appointments and general scheduling easier, and keep track of the patient’s medical history as well as billing. It is a great platform for novice physicians to grow their number of clients and develop further in their noble profession.

This digital connection between patients and doctors has numerous benefits for patients and doctors alike. Introducing popular online appointment scheduling systems represents an incredible improvement in the healthcare industry. These platforms are designed so as to enable patients to discover available doctors in their area, provide free information about medical practices and doctors' individual schedules, and allow online booking of appointments in a matter of seconds. Of further convenience is the fact that intake forms can also be completed online through these applications, meaning that you do not have to waste your precious time at the medical facility trying to figure out what to fill in. The applications’ designs are usually attractive, simple and available to everyone that uses a smartphone, providing a detailed, step-by-step process of making an account and scheduling an appointment.

Healtcare Apps and the Modern Medicine


Negative comments are usually provoked by disappointing or unsatisfactory treatment from top-rated doctors. Their high position is considered inconsistent with the service provided. Dissatisfaction is also sometimes triggered by rejection of scheduled appointments in some medical facilities. Besides reviews related to the quality of service a doctor provides, privacy of information is also crucial for those who have doubts about the usage of an application, so the developers’ main concern and priority is user privacy and protection. Designers take into consideration people’s reviews and do their best to improve their applications.


The healthcare industry continues to follow closely technological advancements in order to provide physicians with innovative methods of improving service quality delivered to their trusted patients. Besides patients and users, new tech also affects companies operating in the industry. The attention of the world’s leading investors these days is driven by applications that marry medicine and the latest technology. Due to its complexity and sensitivity, medicine is one of the last fields that is being transformed by technology, but entrepreneurs will not allow its complexity to become an obstacle in providing excellent service to their clients.

Slađana Anđelković - Contributing writer

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